Pros & Cons

What you might like about the MG ZS is its affordable price tag, especially with the features that the vehicle has. The subcompact crossover is also fuel-efficient, making you maximize the most out of your fuel. During our review, it was able to do 11.8 km/L in the city and 16.7 km/L on the highway, respectable numbers for its 1.6-liter engine. Another handy feature you might like is that it comes with Apple CarPlay and voice-activated commands.

What you might not like about the ZS is its handling characteristic. There is body roll present when cornering at certain speeds. As a result, it might be uncomfortable for both the driver and passengers and may even hurt ride handling. For its segment, the ZS also has less power compared to its rivals. Its transmission only has four gears compared to the other vehicles in its segment. The ZS also has a relatively high loading lip that may make cargo loading and unloading a bit challenging.

What You Will Like
  • The cheap price tag comes with more features.
  • Thrifty on fuel.
  • Comes with Apple CarPlay and voice-activated command.
What You Won't Like
  • Low power and toque output despite having similar engine size as with its rivals.
  • Slight body roll observed on curves at certain speeds.
  • Transmission's only four-speed automatic for all AT variants.

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