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Electric cars in the Philippines

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    Lower cost of ownership

     Electric cars are cheaper to run as electricity is cheaper than gas and have less engine components to maintain.

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    Convenient charging

     Charge your vehicle at home and monitor how much you spend.

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    Better for the environment

     With no tailpipe emissions electric vehicles are more eco-friendly than combustion engines.

Latest electric & hybrid car videos

 2024 Toyota Yaris Cross vs Nissan Kicks vs MG 4 | HEV, e-POWER, or Full EV? | AutoDeal Comparo / Video Review

It's a threeway battle between three very similar but different cars. In one corner sits the Toyota Yaris Cross in its HEV form. Running a Series-Parallel Hybrid system, the Toyota sets the standard for other half-gas-half-hybrid powertrains. In the next corner we have the Nissan Kicks, which burst onto the scene and made a name for itself with the brand's innovative e-POWER system that uses electric motors to drive the car and a gasoline engine to charge the batteries. In the last corner we have the MG4 which uses no gasoline to get going because it's a full EV. Not only will this be a comparo of these three models specifically, but we will also answer the question: Is going full EV now feasible?

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