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We have more ways to sell your car than anyone else!

Selling your car in the Philippines is now much easier than ever before, with different selling programs depending on your needs. You can simply sell your car quickly by receiving bids from our partner dealers and choosing the highest bid or holdout for the highest price by placing a private ad on our marketplace.

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Quick Sell

Sell your car quickly, get the best price and receive your money directly within hours.

  • Compare offers from our dealer partners.
  • Choose the best offer and book final inspection.
  • Receive direct payment with no hidden fees within hours.
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Sell your car at the best price and receive quotes from new car dealers to get the best deal.

  • Compare offers from our dealer partners and choose the best offer.
  • Book final inspection and receive direct payment with no hidden fees.
  • Receive quotes from new car dealers and get the best deal on your new car.
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Private Ad

For those looking to sell their used car and engage with private buyers over a period of time to get the highest price.

  • Get an estimated car valuation before you list.
  • Advertise your car to over 1 million buyers per month.
  • List your vehicle until sold.
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Why Sell Your Car with AutoDeal?

  • 3 Different ways to sell your car
    We have the widest number of selling options in the Philippines, catering to the various needs of sellers, whether you need to sell quickly, get a new car as well or wait longer to sell your car, but possibly get a higher price.
  • Approved Dealer Network
    We save you time hunting around dealers to find the best price, let them bid on your car from the comfort of your own home.
  • Sell your car for free
    It doesn't cost you anything to sell your car, no middle men and no hidden fees.
  • Get a competitive price
    If you sell your car via Quick Sell or Trade-in you have multiple dealers bidding on your car, giving you a much better chance of getting a fair price, rather than taking it to one dealership for a regular part exchange.
  • Buy and sell from the comfort of your home
    You can sell and purchase through a digital process from the comfort of your own home

How much can I sell my car for?

 There are numerous factors which determine the value of your car from the make, model and year to the condition, popularity of the vehicle and whether you have modifications.

  1. Make, model and year

     Certain makes and models are highly desirable in the used car market and are easy for dealers to sell, examples would include Toyota and Mitsubishi SUVs. Dealers also like to buy used cars that are usually no older than 7 years old, but do accept older cars in good condition.

  2. Mileage

     This is a simple one, the lower the mileage the better value you will get, as this shows general use and wear and tear on the vehicle.

  3. Condition

     How well has the car been looked after, how regular has it been serviced, does it have any scratches, what’s the quality of the interior and has it got any history of serious damage. These are some of the things that can affect the condition and your valuation.

  4. Modification

     Usually cars in their stock condition are what dealers are looking to buy as it gives them a larger audience to sell to, and that’s because when you modify your car you are changing it to your own tastes, not everyone has your taste, therefore modifying your car can lower it’s value. However, there are some modifications like upgrading your infotainment system or adding improved tires or alloy wheels, which can add value to your car.

  5. Paperwork

     Having historical service documentation can really help push the vehicle sale over the line, as it gives a certain level of peace of mind to the buyer. Standard paper work that you need to actually sell your vehicle are the official receipt and certificate of registration.

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Car Selling FAQ's

Why sell my car through AutoDeal?

We are the largest car buying marketplace in the Philippines, with over 3 million visits a month, and over 1 million unique visitors per month, so we can put your car in front of the largest car buying audience in the country. We also have more options than anywhere else to sell your car;

  1. Quick sell - Which enables you to sell your car quickly to our network of car dealers who will bid on your car.
  2. Trade-in - Which allows you to put your car up for bidding like Quick sell, but also collects quotes from new car dealerships, so you get the best deal.
  3. Private ad - List your vehicle with the help of our valuation tool and advertise in front of 1 million unique car buyers per month, until it is sold.

What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

What's the difference between selling my car to a dealer or selling on AutoDeal?

How can I sell my car quickly?

Can I trade-in my car to help buy a new car?

Can I sell my car with outstanding finance?

What do I need to do to sell my car effectively online?

Is it safe to sell my car on AutoDeal?

Selling Tips and Advice

Selling with

 Sell your car privately on AutoDeal and reach over 1 Million buyers, the largest audience in the Philippines. All you have to do is create your account, add your listing, and watch those offers come in.

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Preparing your car for sale

 Before selling your car, you need to make sure it is something you would buy yourself. Make sure you get your car washed, take great photos and collect your vehicle documents.

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Taking great photos

 This is the main way a buyer will evaluate your vehicle, therefore it is important to take lots of pictures of the exterior, interior and important features of the car.

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Get the word out!

 Getting the word out starts with the short description about the car. Highlight standout elements, reason for selling and disclose any previous or current problems with the car. This creates an honest relationship from the start.

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Dealing with buyers

 Once a buyer contacts you, gather up all your documents for the vehicle and arrange a test drive. For safety reasons schedule the test-drive in a public area and have someone accompany you and the potential buyer.

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Closing the deal

 When the time comes to close the deal you will need to go through the correct process when taking payment and transferring ownership to ensure you don't fall victim to a scam and to protect yourself after selling the car.

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